Jason Lotito

TIL: Keeping SSH connections alive

Or how I learned to RTFM

It's actually fairly simple. In your SSH config file, you add this:

Host *  ServerAliveInterval 240 

The * after the host can be whatever host you want it to apply to, and * simply means to apply this to all hosts. So you could also apply it this way:

Host example.com  ServerAliveInterval 240 

Also, if you aren't sure where your SSH . . .

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August 27, 2015


Or how I learned to not repeat myself

So, we looked at JPEG image encoding, which is a very popular image codec. Especially since our image is going to be blurred heavily on the client, and thus band-limiting our image data, JPEG should compress this image quite efficiently for our purposes. Unfortunately, the standard JPEG header is hundreds of bytes in size. In fact, the JPEG . . .

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August 07, 2015


Or how I learned to evaluate better

  1. Given what I know of this person’s performance, and if it were my money, I would award this person the highest possible compensation increase and bonus.

  2. Given what I know of this person’s performance, I would always want him or her on my team.

  3. This person is at risk for low performance.

  4. This person is ready for promotion today.

From the . . .

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August 04, 2015

Highlighting code in presentations

Or how I learned to love Keynote

Before I started using this method, I always struggled with ways to highlight parts of code I wanted to talk about when giving presentations. This method, I've found, is at once the easiest method to employ, and provides context to the viewer. They can easily follow along, and where the code is in relation to other code you are talking . . .

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February 27, 2015

10 things to improve your tech talks

Or how I turned tweets in a blog post.

  1. Practice your talk before speaking. Several times. Record yourself. Watch it. At a conference, people paid $$$ for this.
  2. Assume wifi is unavailable for your talk. Don't depend on it to run demos.
  3. Assume you'll get few or no questions. Given a 45 minute slot? Aim for 40 minutes.
  4. If you insist on live coding, make sure you've . . .

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February 27, 2015

TwoDo Privacy Policy

Or what we don't keep track of

TwoDo, the app, has a simple privacy policy.

Simply put: we don't sell your data, we don't mine your data, we don't look at your data and we don't share your data.

We do not share your data with any third party. The only third party involved with storing your data is Parse, who we use as our backend hosting provider.

We do . . .

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September 23, 2014

Simple Startup Ideas

Or one way I learned to find them

All too often on Hacker News, I come across a comment like this:

wouldn't most of them be able to build something like this for internal use in a single day

Yes. Of course, it might only take a day to build, but it will be maintained forever. And that means dealing with potential bugs. That means testing. That means deploying. It means . . .

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April 07, 2014