A picture of my desk, with a computer, laptop, Kindle, and lamp.
Simplicity isn't merely removing everything. It's simply removing things you don't need.

This is my new workspace.  The depth of the desk is perfect for me.  The picture itself is how I try to keep it.  It’s not staged.  The keyboard sits in that position, and the mouse doesn’t move much.  The lamp is wonderful.  The MacBook Pro can be setup on the left side of the desk easily without interfering with my work.  The walls are fairly bare, and I want to address this somehow.  Whatever goes up, I want it to fit the decor of the rest of the room.  I’d like to get something practical as well.  Or maybe a bit of both.

3, good, white noise sites

More and more often, I’m finding ‘white noise’ sites online.  The idea is simple.  Each site provides you with background noise, or white noise, that will play in the background.  For many people, white noise is comforting background music for both better sleep or concentration during the workday.  Because I love this type of service, I decided to share the list of white noise sites I use.  I find that these are the easiest to use, as well as providing the best features.  I can get to these sites and get white noise quickly and easily.

SimplyNoise is the first one on the list.  It was also the first one I really became aware of.  It offers a number of simple options, allowing you to change the type of noise, as well as the volume.  It is, as the name suggest, simply noise.

The next site is interesting.  As the name suggests, RainyMood is all about rain.  I know I always enjoy the nice calming effect of rain water and the subtle sounds of hearing it fall, and this site does it well.  No options, but a long 30-minute loop.  And the interface is easy; a big button for either pausing or playing.

White Noise 24/7

This site allows you to download most of their sounds.  And they have a large number of them.  Dishwashers, showers, flowing rivers, ocean waves, and hard rain just to name a few.  The site says it has over 21 hours of white noise.  That’s a lot of sound.