Eclipse with FTP Support

FTP in Eclipse? This question gets asked a lot.  An FTP plugin for Eclipse that will put your file up onto the server with a save of the file.  I don’t use it much, but for fast projects on my home server, it makes things easy.

The plugin is called ESFTP and still works.  The files were last updated in 2007, but installs and runs just fine on a current Eclipse install.  It has few features, but all the important ones.  The key bindings in the plugin don’t work.  However, you can use the Eclipse Keys options under General preferences to set them.  Just search for esftp.  You’ll probably want to edit the Put File to Server and Save functionality.  That will save the file locally, and FTP it up to the remote server.

It currently only supports FTP and SFTP.  Passwords are stored locally as plain text.  But it works.

PTI – PHP Tools Integration for Eclipse

I use Eclipse for my PHP coding.  One thing I love about Eclipse is the numerous plugins available.  The down side is you have to know about the plugins.  One plugin I find a must have on any Eclipse installation is  PTI – PHP Tool Integration.  You can find it on the Eclipse Marketplace in the Help Menu.  It has several components.  It allows you to run unit tests through PHPUnit from the editor with a click of the button.  It can do a CodeSniffer check and display the results in your editor so you can quickly and easily fix the problems.  It also include PHP Depend and PHP Copy/Paste Detector.  The system comes with all the stuff needed to run out the gate, but you can use your own versions of the various tools.

Eclipse Color Themes

I recently stumbled on a new website, Eclipse Color Themes, and I’ve been enjoying browsing through the various themes. My favorite so far is the Gedit Original Oblivion by Sepehr Lajevardi. What really makes this theme stand out is that variables passed into a method are underlined. This lets you easily see with a glance where these variables are being used.

The colors are also enjoyable, and care was taken to ensure that every aspect was accounted for. I highly recommend it.